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Wes Alexander - SAMS

Mary DeAngelis - English/Language Arts

Lawrence Thomas - Staff Snapshot for week ending 3/23

Team building at Brain Injury Camp

Samara Nichols - Elementary EBD Teacher

Pat Rowland - Science Instructor

Tracy Rutledge - Elementary Guidance Counselor

Amy Shepherd - Program Assistant

In The Spotlight

Snapshot of Lawrence Thomas
Lawrence Thomas bears the title of “Head Custodial Supervisor” but he is so much more than that. Mr. Thomas joined the CAS team two years ago and he has never stopped working on making Central Academy the best place for students and staff.
Mr. Thomas believes that all of our students deserve positive attention and he is always available to give a kind word or to assist a helper while he works. Whether he is polishing our front doors, emptying the endless stream of trash, or cleaning up after a sick kid, he is always smiling and ready to help.
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