Graduation will be May 27th, 6:00 PM, at South Middle School!

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Performance-Based Program

Performance-Based Program

The Performance-Based Program is a non-traditional, voluntary high school program using flexible scheduling to create a differently scheduled, independent mode for credit achievement.  The program will address the educational needs of students age 16 and older.  It allows progress toward completion of a diploma for students not on track to graduate with their peers or who have significant barriers to their success in a traditional high school setting.


Central Performance Based Academy is a non-traditional program using flexible scheduling to create an alternative for students who may benefit from a varied structure, independent mode for credit achievement.  This program will address the educational needs of students ages 15 to 21 and allow progress toward academic completion of a diploma for those not on track to graduate with their age appropriate class. Students will choose between two pathways: College Readiness or Career Readiness



Successful completion of 24 credits and must meet one of the following criteria:

College Readiness: Benchmarks met on ACT or Compass

Career Readiness Academic: Benchmarks met on ASVAB or Workkeys

Career Readiness Technical: Benchmarks met on KOSSA or Industry Certificates



  • Students will be referred to Central Performance Based Academy by a school principal. Central Academy administration will make final decision for placement.
  • Must have at least 7 credits.
  • Must have an obstacle that prevents success in the traditional classroom.
  • Students possibly not on-track to graduate within 4 years.


The administration reserves the right to make any changes that are necessary and proper to ensure order and protect the safety of the faculty, employees and student body of the Central Academy.




Days        8:00 a.m. – 5:30p.m.                   Monday – Thursday


8:00 a.m. -- 11:00 a.m.                     Friday


Note: When Henderson County Schools are closed for holidays or inclement weather, Central Performance Based Academy will not hold any classes.


  1. Student must have 24 credits to graduate.
  2. Successful completion of College Readiness Benchmarks/and or Career Readiness Certifications.
  3. Writing portfolios per year to fulfill district requirements.
  4. Completion of all state-mandated testing and the ILP.
  5. Completion of EOC in Algebra 2, English 2, US History, and Biology. All KPREP testing for 10th and 11th grade must be completed.  All College/Career Certifications and testing must be completed.

Upon completion of academic requirements, a graduate will have access to a transcript verifying academic completion.  Graduates will then be eligible to participate in Central Academy commencement exercises conducted in May.  Diplomas will be issued during commencement exercises. These events are not affiliated with Henderson County High School.

Grading Scale

    A = 100 – 92%

    B =   91 – 82%

    C =   81 – 70%

Grades below a C are not acceptable for OdysseyWare.  

Note:  Students entering Central Performance Based Academy who have previously attended a non-accredited school will enter under probationary status.  Central administration will review the student’s transcript and earned credits to determine grade level placement.  This review and grade placement may include testing.  In all sequential course work (such as English I, II, III and IV) the student must earn at least a “C” by the end of the first semester course to remain at that level of placement and receive credit in the preceding course.  Students must also meet all other graduation requirements.


Regular attendance and progress is the key to successful completion of the program. Students are required to complete the minimum weekly assignments as outlined in their Odysseyware coursework planner. At Central Performance Based Academy, completion of coursework with no assignments in overdue is considered full-time attendance.

In addition, all performance- based students will maintain no overdue assignments and have on-pace progress in each enrolled class every week.





Tier I-

  • 12 or more credits or 18+ years old
  • 8 hours per week
  • Will schedule days/times of attendance with staff prior following week.
  • Students may leave campus and return only if they have written parent consent.
  • Any student who attends Central Performance Based Academy must participate and provide weekly evidence of one of the following:
  • Hold a job
  • Volunteer a minimum number of hours at a local business or agency

Tier II-

  • 7 or more credits
  • 16 hours per week
  • Must attend a minimum of 3 days per week
  • Will schedule days/times of attendance with staff prior following week.
  • Any student who attends Central Performance Based Academy must participate and provide weekly evidence of one of the following:
  • Hold a job
  • Volunteer a minimum number of hours at a local business or agency



Academic progress is mandatory for ALL Central Academy students, specifically for students who are not yet age 18.  Under KRS 159.150, “any student who has attained the age of six (6) years, but has not reached his or her eighteenth birthday, who has been absent from school without valid excuse for three (3) or more days, is a truant.”  Under Kentucky law, students must be in regular attendance, and the school is mandated to report students who are not in regular attendance.  



Academic progress is expected for those students 18 years or older to maintain enrollment at Central Academy.  Any student 18 years of age or older with continued attendance issues will be withdrawn from performance based program.


Central Performance Based Academy attendance is based upon student completion of required hours/days as well on pace progress.  


The following outlines attendance consequences.


Behind in Odysseyware/Academic Work 1st Offense:

  • Central PB Academy staff will check Odysseyware every Friday to determine if a CA student has completed the minimum progress requirement.
  • If a student has not met the minimum progress/attendance requirement, staff will contact the student and parent/guardian reminding them that they are mandated to attend and maintain on - pace progress in every enrolled course.
  • Documentation of the contact will be recorded in Infinite Campus.


Behind in Odysseyware/Academic Work or Non-Attendance 2nd Offense:

  • A profile or documentation of the absence of 2 consecutive weeks’ work will be sent to Student Services.
  • Student Services will send an Attendance Notice to the student/parent/guardian.
  • The letter is signed by Steve Steiner, DPP, and documented in Infinite Campus.


Behind in Odysseyware/Academic Work or Non-Attendance 3rd Offense:

  • A profile or documentation of the absence of 3 consecutive weeks’ work will be sent to Student Services.
  • A student referral will be given to Steve Steiner, DPP/Student Services.
    • Final Notice letter will be sent to the parent.
  • Documentation of the referral made will be recorded in Infinite Campus.


Continued attendance issues and/or non-completion of work may result in a court filing of truancy.



The Kentucky Department of Education defines the ILPA as “an action plan that addresses the changed educational needs of a student based upon entry into or exit from an alternative education program.  It includes, as appropriate, academic and behavioral needs of the student, criteria for the student’s re-entry into the traditional program and provisions for regular review of the student’s progress throughout the school year while in an alternative education program.”


The ILPA will be signed upon enrollment at Central Performance Based Academy.



Transportation will be available to all students within the Henderson County School District who attend during the normal day schedule Monday through Friday.  Henderson County Schools will pick up and drop off students on existing routes.  


It is the responsibility of the student to be punctual and behave appropriately on the bus in a manner that maintains everyone’s safety.  To be eligible to ride the bus in the morning, students must report to the morning session. To ride in the afternoon, the student must attend the afternoon session.  Any violations will result in termination of transportation privileges.


Students who transport themselves, or who are dropped off by friends or family members, must use the parking lot off Alvasia Street and enter the building through door #14.



Students should follow the Henderson County High School dress code. Students and staff members are encouraged to wear clothing that demonstrates pride in one’s personal appearance and school.  What you wear is a direct reflection on you as a person and how you want others to view you.  Students may not wear clothing that is deemed to be disruptive to the educational process of the school and classroom.  Examples of this include wearing t-shirts and ball caps with alcohol, tobacco, or explicit drug references, pants or skirts with holes in conspicuous locations or displaying of undergarments.  The classroom teacher has final judgment as to the appropriateness of a student’s dress.



  • To prevent damage to computers and/or attracting pests, students should leave food and drink in the lounge area.
  • Breaks during work time can be given at discretion of staff.
  • Computers are for educational purposes only. Students may only visit websites for completion of curriculum.   Downloading of files or improper use of computers will not be permitted.  Since computer CD-ROM drives may not be used as personal stereos, students may bring a personal audio device (iPod or smart phone) with headphones or ear buds.  Please respect those around you when using these devices.  Violations of the Henderson County Acceptable Use Policy may result in loss of technology privileges.  
  • Any student caught cheating or copying will forfeit the grade on that submission.  Repeat offenses may subject the student to dismissal from the program.  
  • Be kind and push in your chairs when not seated at the table.
  • Please be respectful of others and the facility at all times and clean up after yourself.
  • Clear all trash from the tables and place in trash cans provided.
  • Please be respectful of others in the building, and keep both the conversation and the volume appropriate for school.



The following is a guideline and list of requirements for the student using Odysseyware curriculum and a Quick Start Guide will be provided for every student upon enrollment.


Login Information:  Students can log in to any internet connection.  


  2. User ID: first initial last name (jsmith)
  3. Password: first and last initials plus last four digits of your Social Security Number (js1234)
  4. Press the login button.


Odysseyware is an interactive program with many features including dynamic audio and video files and 3-D animation to illustrate concepts.  Headphones are required for every student working at Central Performance Based Academy.  Headphones will be provided for student use, but it is recommended that students purchase their own headsets.


Students must obtain a 70% average or higher on each lesson.  If you do not score a 70% on the second attempt, the lesson may be reset at the discretion of the staff. Before you reattempt the lesson, it is highly recommend you review your notes and the lesson with the instructor.  


Students who are in a class with an end of course assessment (BIO, ENG 2, ALG 2, US HIS) must maintain an average of 75% or higher. Final grade for overall course must be at least a 70%.


  1. All tests must be taken at Central Performance Based Academy.  Tests occur frequently throughout Odysseyware curriculum.  Students will not be able to access tests from home or be able to progress through the course lessons until tests are completed. Therefore, attendance at Central Performance Based Academy is vital to maintain adequate progress.
  2. Each student needs to be sure to check the mail button upon each entry and exit of Odysseyware.  The teacher will use the network mail system to communicate important information.
  1. Students must complete each lesson before navigating away from it as Odysseyware will not save work.  Students should submit work using the submit button when lesson is complete.




  • English 2
  • Algebra 2
  • Biology
  • U.S. History



Breakfast and lunch will be provided at Central Performance Based Academy each day, free of charge.



If you change your address, home telephone number, parents’ place of work number, email, or cell phone, please notify our office immediately.  Contact school office.



The administration of oral medications at school must adhere to board policy.  Medicine should be taken at home when possible.



After the determination of placement to Central Performance Based Academy, the parent/guardian and student will be notified of an intake meeting.