Graduation will be May 27th, 6:00 PM, at South Middle School!

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Day Program

Day Program

Central Academy (CAS) serves middle and high school students in Henderson County.  Students are referred to Central by their home schools.  Classes are direct instruction, teacher-taught classes or self-paced courses.  Central students may also attend classes at Henderson County Technical Center (CTE), HCC, and/or other virtual learning.


Central Academy is an in-school alternative to out of school suspension for students assigned by a school principal or other Henderson County Administrator.  These assignments to the alternative school will be 20 days or 45 days for middle and high school students.  However, an ARC can determine the number of days for placement for any special needs student.  

Principals /Administration may make a request to the Superintendent/designee that a student attend the alternative school for more than 45 days.  

Students may be required to remain in the alternative school setting longer than the original placement due to misbehavior, poor attendance or lack of academic progress. Central Academy Administration will determine if this is necessary.

The goal and objective of the alternative school is to reduce disruptive behavior, reduce suspension, reduce dropout rates, improve self-esteem of the student and promote a positive attitude toward school.


The administration reserves the right to make any changes that are necessary and proper to ensure order and protect the safety of the faculty, employees and student body of the Central Academy.


Days                    8:00 a.m. – 3:00p.m.                    Monday – Friday

Note: When Henderson County Schools are closed for holidays or inclement weather, Central Academy will not hold any classes.


Breakfast and lunch will be provided at Central Academy each day.

Breakfast - $1.00    Reduced - $0.30

Lunch      - $1.85    Reduced - $0.40

Free and reduced price lunches are available after applications are approved by HCS personnel.


If you change your address, home telephone number, parents’ place of work number, email, or cell phone, please notify our office immediately.  Contact school office.


The administration of oral medications at school must adhere to board policy.  Medicine should be taken at home when possible.


After the determination of placement to Central Academy, the parent/guardian and student will be notified of an intake meeting.

Any student attempting to enroll in Henderson County Schools that is coming from an alternative setting, treatment center placement or under disciplinary sanctions from their previous school will begin the enrollment process at Central Academy.  

Upon enrollment, Central Academy, in consultation with DPP/District Student Services, will determine the student’s placement at either HCHS, Central Academy 20 or 45 dayside placement, Central Performance Based Academy, or Central Academy E-Learning.


Transportation will be available to all students within the Henderson County School District who attend during the normal day schedule Monday through Friday.  Henderson County Schools will pick up and drop off students on existing routes.  

It is the responsibility of the student to be punctual and behave appropriately on the bus in a manner that maintains everyone’s safety.  To be eligible to ride the bus in the morning, students must report to the morning session. To ride in the afternoon, the student must attend the afternoon session.  Any violations will result in termination of transportation privileges.

Students who transport themselves, or who are dropped off by friends or family members, must enter Central Academy through the front entrance of the school on Center Street.


Middle School -- Must comply with the student’s home school (NMS / SMS) dress code.  Example:  School uniforms

High School-- Must comply with the Henderson County High School dress code.